About Us

Clearview was founded by Robert Mayo in 1988. He believed a service company should serve their customers in a style of which a mother would be proud. His mother raised him to respectfully address people as "sir" and "madam". Manners went far beyond "please" and "thank you". His family honored chivalry, honesty, and respect. Over time, Rob hired window cleaners and office staff that would reflect those values.

In 2005, Clarissa Knight joined Clearview as the Chief Financial Officer. In July of 2008, Clarissa purchased the company. Over the last decade, Clarissa has continued the service traditions on which Clearview was founded and works to provide each customer with a home town experience.

John Giddens was the first full time technician hired by Clarissa after her purchase of the company. He is now the lead technician for Clearview. Christina Giddens took over as the full time office manager in May of 2017. It is her cheerful voice you hear when you call into the main office.